The Silver Lake House


Many designers would find the task of transforming their client’s 1930s-era Silver Lake, cottage-style childhood home into a modern “sophisticated treehouse” to be an overwhelming endeavor, but not the team at Federico Design. We embraced the opportunity to feature our creativity, passion for sustainable materials, attention to budget, and commitment to quality by working diligently to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations at every step of the design process.

Following the teardown, a group vision for the interior space began to coalesce. We were led by a strong desire to bring elegance to what would ultimately become an industrial yet earthy space, full of stunning oak flooring, strong dark-hued beams, and metal and stonework accents. These details provide a complementary contrast to the sleek red lacquered kitchen cabinetry, “weathered walls” wallcovering that resembles lacquered leather, and the soothingly complex mosaic work. In addition, the space features Asian-inspired accents and many custom pieces including one-of-a-kind, commissioned art and glasswork.

Upon entering the home, attention immediately turns to the clean lines and sexy yet sensible mid-century aesthetic. The space plan, rich color schemes, iconic furniture pieces, and immersion into the lush surrounding landscape create a space that reflects the unique character, charm, style, and fabulous personalities of the homeowners, both as individuals and together as a couple. The goal to create a mid-century “jewel box” while retaining the “soul” of the original property was challenging, but in the end, an extremely rewarding experience.