Massena Avenue


The kitchen remodel project at Massena Avenue was exciting work for Federico Design. Nicole’s clients, a young couple with a new baby, wanted to completely revitalize the old-fashioned living area/dining area/and separated kitchen of their new home.  They wanted to tear down walls and open up the entire space to cook and entertain while maintaining a cozy and safe setting to enjoy themselves and attempt to keep an eye on their cruising toddler.

The couple wanted the look of their new gourmet kitchen to be modern with clean lines, zero clutter, interesting finishes, and a neutral palette.  Federico Design was thrilled for the opportunity to work on a kitchen like this!

Nicole collaborated with her lovely clients to create a one-of-a-kind space with all the bells and whistles the foodie couple was looking for.  The kitchen with the eight-foot central island was a challenge, but in the end, it was a beautiful expression of clean and concise organization with maximum storage and modern design being at the forefront.